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One of the most popular things out there on the internet is setting up your own blog. It's sort of similar to keeping a diary, except for the whole world to see. You just write down your thoughts, ideas, pictures, likes, dislikes, and opinions on anything you want to talk about. People love to talk about themselves anyways, so why not let everyone else know what you think?

Some people set up blogs just for fun. There are those people out there that just love to write, so they sit down at their computer and start typing. An hour or so goes by, and they have a couple pages done without even really noticing it. It's a good way to let out your frustrations and also to let others know how happy you are.

However, there also people out there that want to setup their own blogs to potentially make themselves a nice chunk of change. For those people, it's important to know what blog to use, and which one will get them the most amount of traffic and all of those good things. Two type of blogs that many people use are WordPress and blogger.com.

You're probably wondering, okay what's the difference and which one do I want to use?

Well, many people choose to use blogger.com because it's free, quick, and easy to setup. However, one of the bad things about blogger.com is that you don't really have control over it, because the people at blogger.com can shut down your blog for pretty much no reason at all. You are essentially just putting your work in other people's hands. This means that all of the work you put in, whether you like to blog or not, could be gone in a second. All of your work is gone and you have nothing to show for it.

If you're looking for a more permanent solution, I strongly suggest using WordPress blogs. They do offer a free hosting service, but if you want a long term blog you should probably host it on your own server. They also offer a free software download where you can put your blog on your own server. The service is totally free and also can be setup in a few minutes. The only thing you need is an hosting account, which can be purchased for less than $10 and you can have unlimited domains or blogs on them. As you can see, the $10 or so is well worth the money.

One very important factor that separate WordPress from all the rest of the blogs out there, is that it has a huge number of plugins and tools you can put on your blog. These plugins and tools are definitely not available on blogger.com so this is one distinctive difference between the two. These tools and plugins offered on WordPress make your blog much more favorable to the search engines, and that is what you want.

One last thing to remember to determine differences between WordPress and blogger.com is that with WordPress you have full control over your blogging, while at blogger.com you don't. Having full control of your blog is probably the most important thing that you need to have when setting up your blog.

By: Joseph Daneault


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